Sunday, January 31, 2010

GiRlS jUsT wAnNa HaVe FuN!!

So this year for our christmas gift from the salon we went to VEGAS!! I had so much fun! Thanx so much Tease for such a SUPER FUN WEEKEND!! Cant wait to do it again!


mOrE vEgaS!

GiRlS WeEkEnD iN vEgAs!!

Luv You Gma!

Here is a picture of my wonderful dad and his mother and I just wanted to take and tell my Gma how much I LUV HER!! She went into the hospital on tuesday to have open heart surgrey! Everything went well with her surgery!! Which we were all so excited to hear, but she has been so sick for such a long time that her kidneys and liver started to shut down:( She Has been hooked up to so many machines to help her get better and each day we see a little improvement!! It is in the Lords hands for now we pray that she will do what she needs to do, whether that is to stay or go home to her father in heaven!! Grandma I luv you so much and am so greatful that you are my grandma!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Just wanted to let my sisters know HOW MUCH I LUV THEM!!! Thanx for being such great sisters and friends:P

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Keith Urban

Mr Keith Urban!! LUV HIM!!!!!!

HaPpY nEw YeAr 2010

So this year for New Years we has a super fun party at my sisters house!! We have such fun friends!! Thanx so much for ending a old year and beginning a new one!!:D

Christmas Fun!

Decorating Gma&Gpa Neilson's Christmas Tree!

So I had a Halloween Party at my house for my nieces and nephews!! It was so much fun! We painted pumpkins and had lunch and just hung out!! It was alot of fun!! I luv you guys so much:D Thanx for being my nieces and nephews!!